Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Working Showers and Gun Stores

My post on mental health and law enforcement is dragging along slowly.  I can't work on it more than a few minutes without an interruption.  I'll have it up eventually.

The downstairs shower is finally fixed.  The original Sears brand faucet was installed in 1950, and the innards had finally rusted out.  Due to the piping, we moved the faucet to the far left of the tub and were able to snag a large plate to cover the original holes.  It looks really funny, but it was done for $200 and it was a lot cheaper than my original plan which was to gut the entire bathroom.  (My wife is in love with the tiled walls, which are another original from 1950.)

I've been looking at getting an AR for a long time.  One store has what I want for a really good price...  But another store has a Daniel Defense in stock for way more than I can afford.  Went to a few local gun stores to get some ideas.  There was a lot of temptation, but nothing I was ready to snap up.

I rarely hear a lot of B.S. at a gun store, but I heard some today.  One store is pushing some off brand revolvers.  The mouth behind the counter stated that "if you pull the trigger and it doesn't fire, then you pull the trigger again until it does."  If you pull the trigger and it doesn't fire (squib) then you keep the muzzle of the revolver pointed down range in case it cooks off.  If you pull the trigger on a squib, then the cylinder rotates and you may have a round cook off out of battery.  Ouch.  They stated that with a pistol, the bad round would just stay in the chamber.  Ever heard of Tap, Rack, Shoot?

They also claimed that you can fire a revolver in any position (IE: upside down) which you could not do with a pistol as it would jam.  Only with a cheap pistol.  Through my agency, I've done a bit of tactical training and I can tell you that my Glock can handle a lot of rough handling and still cycle.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

And now I present to you... The Weather!

The title is my attempt at paraphrasing the music intro of the podcast "Welcome to Nightvale."  Quite an entertaining podcast.

So, it finally got warm.  Winter did not want to go away.  The temperature rose and I opened all the windows of the house.  It was wonderful!

Now it's cold again.

I've got the windows shut.  I have the heat on.  I'm miserable.  (Doesn't help that I didn't bother to shut the storm windows, so there is a bit of a chill in the air.)

Of course, in a few weeks I'll have the AC on and I'll be complaining about the heat.  Oh well.