Thursday, October 30, 2014

Danse Macabre; Camille Saint-Saëns

   But the hands stopped reaching for them and the spectre made no attempt to block their exit.  He only offered them a sad, tired look.  The children, their fear subsiding, found themselves hesitating despite their instinct to run.

   The floating figure raised his fiddle to his chin and began sliding the bow across its strings.  The music it sang out was old and familiar despite neither child having ever heard it before.  With the chords came memories, though not those of either child.  The lives of those buried played out in notes - the hardships, the loves, the regrets, and the hopes set to song, and that's when the children realized this was not the place of evil the older kids had teased about.  The spirits were not angry and spiteful as the tales of the old men had promised.  The only truth the children had ben told was these ghosts hungered for life, but not to feed.  They wished to be a part of it once more, if only briefly.

   As bony hands clapped in time and the fiddle played, the two children danced through the cemetary for those who could not.

R. K. Milholland

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Concrete Blonde - Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man

Yet another one of Concrete Blonde's tunes dealing with "the other side," as you will.

And as I said before, this is the song that started it all off for me.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting

Hmm...  I don't think that I've posted any Concrete Blonde music on this site.  Obviously I'll have to change that this Halloween Season.

I first fell in love with Concrete Blonde when I was in undergrad.  I know that their break out hit was "Caroline" but I never really cared for that song.  What got me to buy their first album was that the local radio station played "Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man" on Halloween.  I immediately snagged that album and found that they did a bit of music that I really enjoyed.

Therefore I present to you their pinnacle of their "gothic" sons, "Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)."

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I work for idiots.

An inmate filed a complaint against me for injuring him during a use of force incident.  As with any use of force incident, reports were written and the videotape was reviewed.  The good news is that my name is not on any of those reports because I WAS OFF ON THE DAY OF THE INCIDENT!!!

I found out about the complaint in briefing.  The Sergeant made the announcement and we all laughed because it was pretty funny in a dark humor sort of way.  And thus I assumed that the whole incident was closed because it was pretty obvious that I had nothing to do with the issue.

So, I get called up to Administration and given the third degree by Internal Investigations and some of the top brass of my agency.  The fact that I was not physically anywhere near the agency seemed to make no impression.  Plus, being IA, they asked about anything and everything just to try to get me to incriminate myself to anything.  I know my job, I know Policy and Procedure, and I know that I do right when I am at work.  It was a wasted fishing expedition for them but a very stressful hour and a half for me.

I work for idiots.