Sunday, April 12, 2015

ADD sucks.

I am... easily distracted.  If I have work to do, I have to focus on getting the job done.  This is not really a bad thing, but it makes it hard if more tasks are thrown at me while I am doing the first task.  If I can do the second task after the first task, that is fine.  But often that is not the case.

Especially when my wife is involved.

I'm washing the dishes, and then my wife gets upset because there are clothes in the dryer.  I pull the clothes from the dryer, but before I can fold them and put them away my wife is upset because one of the feline terrors has pooped outside of the litter box.  I'm trying to clean that up and then change the litter boxes and then adorable preciousness comes to "help."  Dishes are not clean, clothes are stuck to the side in a basket, and there is a huge mess for me to clean up.  All the while my wife is getting madder because things are just getting worse and there is more work that she sees that I need to do.  AUGH!

If I can plan ahead, I can multitask.  This makes me seem brilliant when I'm at work.  I am conducting around chaos like some sort of maestro, and my fellow officers are in awe of me.  Certain brass, being full of brown stuff (knocking an officer of their pedestal keeps us at the bottom of the raise scale if we actually get a raise, which we effectively have not since 2008) often give me multiple tasks to complete in opposite areas.  They then gig me for "not being able to multitask."  

Oh my, what do you know.  Another interruption.  Let me leave this post unfinished.