Monday, December 5, 2011

Gareb Shamus

I read a lot of web comics.  One in particular is "Gutters" which is written by Ryan Sohmer.  Recently they did a comic on how Gareb Shamus, affiliated with Wizard World, has been able to "destroy" every thing that he's dealt with.  Kind of like the revers Midas Touch. 

Now "Gutters" uses a rotating pool of artist talent.  Apparently, Gareb Shamus threatened the artist who drew the original comic at their full time job, and said artist requested that the strip be taken down. 

You can see the replacement strip here. 

Gutters - Issue #222

Parody is parody.  Get a thicker skin. 

And I agree with Sohmer.  Don't threaten a part time employee at their place of full time employment.  Go to the publisher instead. 

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