Wednesday, February 1, 2012


One of my problems is that I will put stuff off. 

For example, this morning I woke up with my daughter and we spent a delightful morning together!  She is crawling all over and pulling herself up on anything that won't tip over or run away from her.  Keeps me busy.  But I'm not getting time to do much and I barely got a bowl of cereal in me.  (I never got the coffee started.) 

Thus, Adorable Preciousness went down for her first nap just before 10am.  She tends to be a little fussy when going to sleep so I just got on the computer and listened to her over the baby monitor.  I figured that I would check my mail and bank accounts as she fell asleep and if she ended up not sleeping then I could stop what I was doing and take care of her.  Well, Adorable Preciousness did fall asleep.  But I never finished up what I had gotten online to do.  Valentines Day is coming up thus I was looking online for some ideas, plus I had not been online for a few days so I wanted to catch up on reading several blogs...  Et Al.  Suddenly, it's two hours later and A.P. is up with a vengeance! 

And I had not even started my coffee.  /sigh  I know better!

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