Friday, March 23, 2012

First lawn mowing of the season!

Spring has sprung early.  The weeds in the front yard are above my ankles.  I've got a day off.  Visiting MIL is playing with Adorable Preciousness.  I HAVE FREE TIME TO MOW THE LAWN!

Being the first time I've had the mower out this year, normally I would do some basic maintenance.  Change the oil and filter.  Maybe get the blades sharpened if they need it.  However, due to a handful of minor emergencies last week, I am dead broke!  (So broke that I have to break out my credit card to get gas until I get paid again.)  Therefore, I decided that I can forego the annual maintenance of my mower until I get paid.

This is not really a bad thing.  The mower is relatively new, being purchased last summer.  I did winterize it so I was not looking at any major issues.  I checked it out this morning.  Everything looked pretty good.  The oil still looked clean and it was at the appropriate level.

It took three pulls to start the mower and then she ran like a champ!  I made a few passes in the front lawn and then I noticed that the mower was smoking.  There also appeared to be mud on the deck.  My first impression was that I ran it too close to the mud puddle on the side of the driveway.  Then I notice that the oil fill cap was loose.

I apparently did not attach the cap properly.  When I put it on, it was snug and I could not pull it out but I did think that it went on oddly.  It's my fault for not checking it a third time.

So, the lawn care is on hold until I break out the credit card to buy oil and change it.  I should know better than to cut corners.  It never works out for me.

Time to pull out my pith helmet and machete so I can work my way to the car.

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