Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playing Diablo III

I purchased Diablo III when it first came out.  It took me a few days before I installed it.

I never played it until last night.

It's a neat little game.  I played the original Diablo and it brought back some memories of that game.  (I only played a friends Diablo 2 and I recognize some of the elements there also.)  There is a learning curve, but I'm doing better with it.  Movement and attacks are handled by clicking on to the target/point...  so I've had a few problems where I kill my target then I run into the middle of it.  I need to get used to holding down the Shift key which keeps you in place.  I still try to move as in WOW, which is awkward.

Since I was playing a low level, there weren't anyone online I could play with.  I had a friend hop on with me, but she's the only one that I know that plays Diablo any more.  It was fun playing online with her.

I will state that the online factor is what made me love the original Diablo.  I loved it!  While I have always enjoyed video games, I've always preferred playing with other people.  At college there were several arcades but I was always drawn to jump in with other players.  (Street Fighter and Mortal Combat!)  I've often picked up MMORPGS for my PC.  Cooperation has always been what I've loved about such games.  I've little interest in the one player games any more.

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