Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Spam and The LawDog Files

I know that I don't post much.  I'm busy and every time I get in front of the computer I can't think of all that much to say.  

However, I will post comments at a few blogs.  Normally by the time I get to a blog post I find that people with more intelligence and wit than I have already posted and therefore leaving me with little of importance to add to the conversation.  

I know, I know.  You are thinking "it's the internet, intelligence has nothing to do with it.  I still have a little self respect, so go with it.  However, every so often, I'm given an opportunity to share my insight on a blog response.  

Recently I posted on The LawDog Files.  I knew that the blog has a lot of readers, and a lot of posts.  However, my follow up e-mails showed that he gets a lot of spam posts.  WOW!  LawDog does a good job of cleaning up his responses, because I didn't see the the spam on his site.  So, kudos to LawDog for his hard work.  Note that LawDog's blog allows anyone to post on his site without any verification.  

Other sites are a little different.  Some sites offer "Captcha," while others require the administrator to approve all comments.  Aaron Williams uses a neat little system called "Sweet Captcha" on his website.  This requires you to drag the appropriate item into a picture to use.  This will prevent bots from spamming your blogs, definitely   And it's not always as infuriating as some of the other captcha programs.  Yes, you can refresh them but sometimes even I can't read what they are posting.  (One captcha I dealt with showsed a photo of a number and what was posted was NOT a number or even a letter!)  

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