Thursday, September 3, 2015

The invasion of the pumpkin spice products.

Fall is coming.  And thus all the stores are bringing out their "Pumpkin Spice" treats.

I used to love all the fall foods.  I even enjoyed the pumpkin spice treats.  But now they have become a "thing" and I don't appreciate it so much.  Also, I swear that they don't taste like they used to.  They have that specific smell to them, but the taste is off.

For example, Wawa used to do a pumpkin spice something-or-other that came out of one of the machines.  Originally I loved the taste, but somehow they changed the formula.  I stopped drinking it about three or four years back because the taste turned me off.  They are not stupid, they are changing the taste in order to get millions of dollars.  If I don't like it, well I'm not the one that they are making millions off of.

I do like fall.  Apples are a big thing around here, but no one makes real apple cider any more.  It is all mass produced junk.  Growing up in a farming environment spoiled me as to what real food is.  Now all the food has to pass inspections and be FDA compliant and all that.  Yes, some of it is a good thing but I miss what I used to have.

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