Sunday, June 17, 2012

My complaints with Instapundit

I read a large number of blogs.  I don't read all of them every day.  My work schedule makes that difficult.  So, often I'll be catching up with a blog after two or three days.

Most blogs are written by one writer and maybe they will have a page full of new posts.  However, Instapundit aggregates many links which I think is compiled by more than one author.  Thus, if I miss out on a day or two of it then I have a lot to read!

Now, I like Instapundit.  I really do.  There is a lot of good information there.  Heck, I even like the Amazon links.

But there is one thing about Instapundit that I don't care for.

It refreshes itself every so often.

That refresh is the most annoying thing out there!  I remember that, at one point, a lot of news web sites would do the refresh in order to update their page.  Well... Back then we still had dial up and it made some web pages unreadable.  It created web surfing habits that I have not broken.  As an example I still don't go to the Fox News web site because it was completely unreadable back when I had dial up.  I'll go there if there is a link to it but I've never developed a habit of going there on my own.

Instapundit has a lot of good info, but it's frustrating to loose my place in reading when they add one article only.  I'll be about to click a link then the page refreshes for one extra line.  I have to scroll back down and find my spot.  I don't always find my spot.  Also, I can't just walk away from the PC and take care of stuff.  I have to stay with my computer in order to read it all.

Now, I know my complaints here won't accomplish anything.  Heck, I get very few hits on my blog as is.  But, I do wish the site would stop refreshing in order to become a little bit more user friendly.

/rant off

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