Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doing Fifteen Miles Under the Speed Limit

Don't you love it when you are late from work and you get behind the slow poke?

Yesterday I got off a little late for work.  I thought I had plenty of time after my shower so I tossed Adorable Preciousness' clothes in the wash and I also installed a hand full of  updates on my PC.  While I was not paying attention the time got away from me and suddenly I was running later than I wanted to.

Now, if traffic cooperates then I knew that I would be arriving "on time."  Not quite what I wanted to do but it worked.

Now, most of my drive is up the interstate.  Traffic is light because I'm on the road several hours before rush hour.  I've rarely had problems on the interstate that early.  However, I have to drive several miles on a no-passing road.  The speed limit is 55. Light traffic and I rarely meet anyone on it.  However, yesterday there was this little car going 40 miles an hour on it.  The road is well marked, well paved, and fairly straight.  The state redid the road years ago and there is no reason to drive so slowly on such a road.  I'm stuck behind this car for several miles and I walked in the door at the last minute.

Again, quite frustrating.

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