Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here's an interesting video I found, listed as an AMV.  It's called "PaperHeart AMV."

Quite an interesting video.  It's not an "AMV" because it is all original artwork.  Very beautiful.

I'm not all that happy with YouTube's new home page.  It no longer gives me suggestions.  I don't have too many subscriptions ..  yet it keeps all the "recent" videos on top.  It has a few "because you watched X we give you Y" videos...  but they won't change.  They stay the same every time I log on.  The old YouTube made for some fun browsing.  The new set up is rather bad.


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  2. Wonderful. I get my first comment on my blog... and I'm asked to delete it.

    But I look on the bright side. I got a comment. =o)