Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yard Work

Spring came late here.  Earlier this season we had snow, which turned into 90 degree weather in a space of 12 days.   Now we are back to cool and wet weather.

I'm currently "on vacation."  Well, I have time off and I get to stay at home for a week.  Not going anywhere special.  So I've been trying to clean the house and work on the yard.  I'm happy that the prediction of 5 days of rain proved to be false.

Today was mostly yard work.  I ran some of the engines on my tools to make sure everything was in working order.  (I'd only used the lawn mower so far.)  Ran the generator for a few hours and placed some fuel stabilizer in the tank.  (We had it out a few months ago because we thought we were going to loose power, but didn't.  And I really don't think that I winterized it after that use.)

The inch worms are out in force.  I had so many of them on me.  I actually threw all of my work clothes into the wash after I finished.  And inch worms leave your clothes smelling funny.  Along with every thing else that I washed with those clothes.

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