Friday, May 10, 2013

Update on my search for Djembe!

A little bit ago I posted that I was looking for information on a group by the name of Djembe.  Recently I got a response from a comment that I had left on YouTube.

They gave me the following link:  Djembe - Russian Gothic.  This gave me a list of the songs, a little bit of the bands info, and the album artwork.  It helped me out a lot!

Apparently I had all of Djembe's music stored somewhere.  Originially I had it on some Zip disks...  which had gone bad.  (I actually have an external Zip disk reader!)  I had given my wife a bunch of R/W CDs for her to use... and she found that I had already used one.  When she gave it to me, I found that I had a lot of music on it.  Long story short, I was able to identify some of the music as Djembe, but I was able to ID the rest of the music after I compared it to the list on the Web Page.

Thus, the Djembe album was called "Medieval Hits."  It was listed as "unpublished" in 2000.  The album contained four tracks.
1. In Taberna
2. Saltarello
3. Tourdion
4. Maria Virgine
5. Palestinalit

The following is copied directly from the above link:

Artistic Director
Igor Tiouvaev - darabucca (african drum), fluters, hemshorn, vocal

Georgy Efimov - violin, flute, vocal
Nikolay Soloviev - djembe (african drum), china cymbals, bells, vocal
Svetlana Galkina - synthesizer, percussions, vocal
Irina Efimova - tambourine, ancient cymbals, vocal
Sergey Firsov - djembe (african drum), vocal
Sergey Barsukov - saaz, hud (eastern stringed instruments played by plucking)

It makes me feel good that I've been able to get this information.


  1. I have most, if not all of their songs, if you haven't been able to replace your lost ones.

  2. I now have the five songs listed above. (In Taberna, Saltarello, Tourdion, Maria Virgine, and Palestinalit.) If you have other music from them, I'd love to hear it!

    On an aside, I still pronounce Tourdion as "Tour-E-don." Not too sure why I've always added that letter I before the D.

    (How the hell did you find this blog anyways? Especially about something as obscure as Djembe?) =o)

  3. I have those and a few others - Par Deus; Sorrow; Bacche, Bene Venies; Triumph of the East; & Wine-Grower Dance.

    I found your blog because every once in a while I google the band to see if anything else has turned up about them. I discovered them completely by chance years ago, and they've joined the list of obscure subjects (and bands) that I always watch for.

    Are you okay with Dropbox?