Thursday, March 21, 2013

Djembe, who perform Touridon.

Years ago, an Early Music group from the broken Eastern Bloc (Russia?  Poland?) came to North Carolina.  They may have visited some other places but I heard a little bit of them there and they also had their music played on

This was when I was just getting serious about early music.  But, things changed, computers crashed, and I ended up loosing a lot of their music and all of their info.

And recently I've been finding little bits of them all around.

I present to you "Touridon" by the group Djembe.

I had hoped that the person who posted this video could give me a little more info on the group...  but no luck.  I do hope that some day I'll get more info on the music group Djembe and that maybe I'll be able to own their CD.  (Or what ever media that their music will be played on in the future.)

Edit:  I've posted an update!

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