Sunday, October 20, 2013

The gun show in Downtown Richmond

I made it up to the C&E Gun Show in Downtown Richmond today.  This was the first time that they held the gun show at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.  Previously the C&E Gunshow was held at The Showplace on Mechanicville Turnpike.  But, that location was sold and something new is to be built there.

The big issue for that location is that the attached parking charges $6.  One big issue is that so few people are used to paying for parking.  That was a big drawback for the Sixth Street Marketplace when that was in operation.  But, if you go to Downtown Richmond, you will probably have to pay for parking.  And they wonder why people don't come.  Fortunately I was able to find some free on street parking.

The crowds were not as heavy as I'm used to when it was at The Showplace.  Also, there were a number of empty tables.  On that note most of the tables did consist of firearms or firearm paraphernalia.  There were very few tables of artsy/craftsy stuffs as I've become used to.  For the most part I don't go to a gun show to purchase firearms, as I find them very overpriced.  However, I did find some good deals that made me stop and think.

I don't think that the Greater Richmond Convention Center is a good place for the gun show.  Hopefully a better location will come available to them.

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