Sunday, November 17, 2013

Green Top Sporting Goods, still kicking it after all these years.

Green Top used to advertise itself as the "South's Largest Outdoor Supply" or something like that.  And at the time I believed it.  Then came the large chain stores and they took that slogan down.  In approximately 2007, the announcement was made that a Bass Pro and a Gander Mountain were opening in the area of Green Top.  

And Green Top was scared.  To talk with the employees, they thought that their shop would be put out of business and they would all loose their jobs.  

But brand loyalty and customer service won through.  Gander Mountain garnered a lot of complaints about high prices and bad customer service and it closed.  Green Top moved in to their location and now operate an even BIGGER store than before.  And it is awesome.  It makes me feel good that the "little guy" survived and is doing even better.  

Oddly enough, I have not made it out to the new Green Top location since they took over the Gander Mountain site.  There are a million reasons, mostly because I just don't need the temptation to spend more money.  

But I finally made it over there, and it is awesome!  They have made great use of the space.  The organization is quite similar to Gander Mountain.  The majority of their long guns are out on display where they can be looked at easily.  They have a number of collectible shotguns locked in the case, and they also have a number of their higher end rifles kept behind the counter.  And all of their pistols are behind the counter.  They seem to have a lot more long guns than pistols.  Their pistol counter was very crowded, but their selection seemed a bit off.  More specifically, they didn't have the pistol that I was looking for in stock.  But, nothing is perfect.  

I will state that I've been to the new location twice this month.  On that note, when I went there on Friday it looked like someone's ex had sold off a nice extensive AR collection.  There were multiple AR's in different configurations.  There was one with a forward grip, green laser, and optics for a really good deal...  So good I tried to figure out how to buy it right then and there!  (Couldn't buy it without gutting the Thanksgiving/Christmas budget.)  So, good deal missed, but I'll be back!  

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