Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pocketbook, or kitty potty?

So...  The wife and I are trying to save money and pay off bills.  Of course that means that I am trying to save money, because every day we get a box of something or other dropped on our front porch addressed to my wife.  

Today, my wife got a box that contained two "pocket books."  Well, one hooks to the car seat so it's more of an organizer.   The second one was a HUGE canvas pocketbook with pockets on the inside and the outside.  And it is even insulated so you can keep food in int.  According to my wife, it would be perfect for travel and vacations.  

Sadly, I looked at them and all I could think was that they were just another container for our cats to pee in when they get miffed at us next.  

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