Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So unmotivated.

I need to get motivated.

I'm not sure what is up with me.  I'm not doing... Well, anything.  I should be calling people and making appointments.  I should be doing maintenance on the car.  I should be cleaning the house.

I should at least clean out the litter box.  The cats are in revolt.

I've just been completely unmotivated.  This lazy mood of mine has lasted about two or three weeks.  Even when I am on my computer, I don't do much of anything productive.  Heck, I forgot to balance part of my finance tracker for about three weeks.  (Kind of like balancing a checkbook, but it covers all of my finances such as loans and credit cards.)

At least Iv'e gotten my clothes washed.  One of the tasks I hate is washing Adorable Preciousness' clothes.  Toddler, so everything is stained in some way or another.  I have to treat each piece of clothing.  It's time consuming.  Also we run through a lot of stain treater.

At least I updated my blog.  My three readers will be pleased when they notice.  =o)

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