Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Half off at Walmart


The local Walmart has been clearing it's inventory of display electronics.  The electronics that are out there for the public to look at and touch?  Half off!

We wandered in on Sunday to look at shoes for Adorable Preciousness.  We picked up a Blu-ray player.  All they had left were some huge TV's and computer monitors.  Nice, but we don't need or want them.

I went by Walmart on Monday and they had their display out again, this time with another selection of TV's.  The guy stated that they found a whole pallet in the back with TV's on it.

Well, we picked up a 32" Vizio VO320E.  However, it did not come with a stand.  I know that I can buy a wall mount for it, but I've been looking for a replacement stand due to how we want to use the TV.

And they are all out of stock.  Oh well.

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