Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Made a few changes. No one noticed.

I've not really done much with my blog.  I have no readers, few good ideas, and very little time to post.

Today I was flitting around a lot of blogs that had "died."  Pretty much, they don't get updated any more and no one ever closed them out or made a re-direct.  I was bouncing through several of them and then I opened mine.

And I came to a realization.

They all looked the same.  Same color, same typeface, same layout.

I got to playing around and found that Blogger will let you change the layout of your blog.

I went with the basic "Picture Window" style.  There were only three pictures to choose from but I could also change some of the colors.  I could have changed the typeface but I decided to keep it.  Arial is fairly easy to read.  No need to change type color or the width of the layout or what not.

Hmm... It's the day after the election and all I can post about is changing up my blog.  Probably shows my apathy.  Oh well.

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