Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Travelling with an 18 month old.

Travelling with an 18 month old.

It's interesting.

On our first day of our trip, we often travel in the evening.  Normally this entails us leaving after my wife gets off of work.  I can normally get that day off thus I will be packing and cleaning.  In order to facilitate this I will take my daughter to child care.  See, if she is at home she will try to "help" me.

And that is not really helpful.  Much faster to pack without her "assistance."

The drawback to traveling late is that it gets dark.  And Adorable Preciousness does not like to ride in the child seat "in the dark."  It is very hard to get her to calm down.  She will sleep some, but often things wake her up.  Such as high beams from the big honking vehicle tailgating us.

Crying makes a long trip even longer.

We've found that Adorable Preciousness travels much better in daylight... With one exception.  I can see her in the mirror and she is looking left and right while we are driving, and sometimes her head will follow as if she is looking for something.  Also, she can see me in the mirror and sometimes that will turn into a small game.  However, she can get upset when the sun is in her eyes.  It does not make her happy at all.  When I travel I often have at least one shirt on a hanger, which I try to hang on the window facing the sun.  This often does not work.  I may need to purchase some type of sun shade for her.  When she was just in a "bassinet" style car seat, it was easy enough to leave the handle up and to throw a blanket over her.  That does not work too well with her now.

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