Thursday, January 17, 2013

No ammo at Wal Mart

I made a mistake.

I went to buy some ammo.

Horrible mistake.

I'm not going to lie.  I like to go to Wal Mart and buy their "Winchester White Box."  Generally I can get 100 rounds of plinking ammo for just a little more than 50 rounds of the same at my local gun store.  It's just the facts, and I have to be frugal with my money.  Also, the fact that someone had given me a Wal Mart Gift card helped with my decision.

So, I went to...  well, I traveled to several Wal Marts and I found bupkiss.  If I needed shotgun shells or rifle rounds, I'd have been good.  But they were wiped clean of all pistol caliber rounds with the exception of .40 cal.

Well, I had planned to go to a "steel match" this weekend and obviously I had let my plinking rounds run low.  But no dice at Wal Mart.  Therefore I decided to pay a bit more out of pocket and pick up some rounds from my local gun dealers.

Once again, bupkiss.

I was rather shocked to see that one of my "slower" local dealers to nearly have a line out the door!  I've yet to be in there when there were more than three people in there.  But, there they were.

And they were out of pistol ammo too.

I had no better luck at any of the other local dealers.  Suffice it to say I skipped the steel match.

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