Monday, June 17, 2013

TeleVenture watching!

I'm very disappointed in myself.

Apparently they started showing the fifth season of The Venture Brothers and I did not notice.

So, I've missed a significant number of the episodes!  Well, I've set it to the DVR.  Now I just have to find free time to watch the episodes when my wife is not using the DVR.

I can't really tell you the last thing that I recorded.  Growing up, we had a VCR.  That implement caused more fights, I swear.  We had one TV in the den, and one in my parents bedroom.  So us kids watched that den TV all the time.  We only had a handful of VCR tapes.  And they all got filled up.  When you have a tape that can only record about 4-6  hours of video at a time...  (This was before the big fancy 8 hour video tapes!)  Worse was when we would record over a program someone else was watching.

You can still use a VCR with a cable box.  You just have to have the cable box tuned.  I tried it a few times.  The DVR is the only way to record stuff now.  You have to pay the company to record it.  And apparently you can't record the Super Bowl, but I've never tried.  My wife is a TV junkie and she records and watches everything!  Our DVR stays full all the time, and my wife will watch all the programs as soon as she can.  It kind of kills me.  I hate the fact that most of the shows my wife watches, I can't stand.  Cooking competitions?  Mentally unbalanced dance moms?  Pretty much I hate most reality TV.  (The original Ninja Challenge on G4 was pretty cool.)  But she does like a lot of the crime shows and I can enjoy them, even if I find them pretty formulaic.

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